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ROHS modifies internal bell schedule for passing periods

ROHS Parents and Students,

We hear often that 5 minutes is not enough time to get to a student’s next class at Red Oak High School. Recently, we began to assess tardies and conduct deeper research into student lateness. We have seen a decrease in tardies with the recent tardy sweeps, but we are still seeing absences due to distance and time.

With that in mind, we will be modifying the bell schedule for the remainder of the year to 6-minute passing time instead of 5 minutes to determine if tardies can be reduced.

We will also have ALL campus bathrooms open during passing period, but they will be closed during class with designated restrooms only during class. This should alleviate the need for bathroom breaks during class as well.

Please discuss this change with your Red Oak High School student(s). We expect students to move quickly to their next class and take care of their restroom needs during this time as well, so classroom time can focus on instruction.

The internal bell change will not alter the school start or end time. Class time will be shortened by one minute, but we believe in the trade-off between tardies and bathroom disruptions. We are still above the state-required and CTE-required minutes of instruction for each class.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.