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ROISD 2021-2022 school calendar

Following the difficult 2020-2021 school year and a decline in student assessments across the state due to COVID loss and virtual instruction, the Texas Legislature approved House Bill 4545 to provide student instructional interventions.

While the bill eliminated some previous retention and retesting mandates, it added several new requirements for districts including accelerated instruction for students who failed or didn’t take state assessments this past school year. HB4545 went into effect on June 16, 2021. The goal is to provide supplemental instruction in addition to current classes, to close learning gaps from last year.


  • For any student who did not pass the STAAR test in Grade 3, 5, or 8 in Math or Reading, the District must establish an accelerated learning committee to develop an individual education plan for the student and monitor progress.
  • For any student who does not pass the STAAR test in Grades 3-8 or STAAR EOC, the District must provide accelerated instruction including either:
    • Being assigned to a classroom teacher who is a certified master, exemplary, or recognized teacher through Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA); or
    • Receiving supplemental instruction before or after school, or embedded in the school day.
  • Parents may not opt their student(s) out of the required tutoring under the accelerated instruction/HB4545.
  • Instruction must be delivered with no more than 3 students to 1 teacher; unless a parent waiver is signed.
  • Students MUST receive no less than 30 hours per year, per STARR test subject failed.

“House Bill 4545 will give students the additional instruction needed during the school year. For Red Oak ISD, we have also elected to provide a compressed window of learning for those who need intervention,” said Brenda Sanford, Superintendent of ROISD. “Our team has worked diligently to develop a plan that provides an incentive for students to pass assessments, offers plenty of time for students to progress and close the gap, while also rewarding students who achieved approaches, meets, or masters grade- level STAAR assessments last year.”

Accelerated instruction can be achieved before- or after-school, on non-school days, or during the day as a student’s schedule allows without impacting certain curriculum times.

For Red Oak ISD, the 30 hours per subject failed can be challenging in an already tight daily schedule. However, we do have flexibility within the school calendar. The ROISD School Board approved the recommended amended calendar converting four previous traditional school days into accelerated instruction days. All staff will be available to provide supplemental instruction to students creating more personalized learning. We can also provide traditional transportation and student nutrition services for all students attending.

Accelerated Instruction Days

  • Tuesday, January 4 through Friday, January 7, 2022
  • Full school days – transportation and meals provided
  • Only students who failed 2020-2021 state STAAR assessments will attend
  • For students who meet the mark on the 2020-2021 state assessments, these will be non-school days
  • Families will be contacted this fall for their individual students’ needs.

The accelerated instruction days are tacked on to the existing winter break. Students must attend four days (January 4-7) of supplemental instruction focusing on the test subject(s) failed.

The incentive for high school students is to focus on fall interventions so they can pass their STAAR end-of-course exams (Algebra I, Biology, U.S. History, English I, and English II) during the exam period in December. Students who earn a proficient score will be excused from the January accelerated instruction days.

Students in Grades 3-8 who failed one or more 2020-2021 state STAAR assessments will receive interventions in the fall, must attend the January accelerated instruction days, and will receive spring interventions before retaking assessments in April and May.

Students who did not take state assessments in the 2020-2021 school year will be offered an alternate assessment early in the fall to determine if they meet the standards for passing or need to complete the required accelerated instruction for each state assessment they missed.

The amended ROISD school year calendar still has built-in minutes for inclement weather days.