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Safety Week 2019

Red Oak ISD will host Spring Safety Week January 14 -18. The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Throughout the week, the ROISD Police Department and administration will lead campuses through fire, tornado and lockdown drills. Please keep this in mind when visiting your child’s campus this week.  

Statement from Dr. Michael Goddard, Superintendent

Dear Red Oak ISD Family,

The Red Oak ISD School Board has shown unwavering commitment to student and staff safety. Red Oak ISD and the Red Oak ISD Police Department work hard to make our district a safe place for you and our students. I appreciate your continued diligence and attention to school safety.

Monday, January 14 thru Friday, January 18, we are set to host Spring Safety Week, allowing us a chance to practice various safety drills. We could all use a reminder of the proper procedures in the event of any harmful situation.

I believe that the families of our students truly appreciate our continued dedication to school safety. Your personal safety and that of every child who enters our facilities is immensely important. Thank you for your support in our efforts to keep every Red Oak ISD campus and facility safe.


Dr. Michael Goddard