• Zeros Aren't Permitted - ZAP

      ZAP is an instructional program focused on students to use before school, during lunch time, and after school to complete their missing assignments and/or recover instructional time.

      ZAP will:


      • Increase expectations of students who habitually, or occasionally, fail to complete and turn in assignments on time

      • Assists working parents by providing extra instructional time needed when after school options cannot be met

      • Allows students an opportunity to make progress on teacher approved work.

      • Allow students an opportunity to make progress on teacher approved work resubmissions

      • Allow a student-athlete an opportunity to work on assignments to maintain UIL eligibility


      Students who have zeros are likely to continue not handing in assignments, and therefore are at greater risk of failure and dropping out. ZAP, which involves the entire staff, clearly emphasizes the belief that assignments/projects/homework are important and must be completed.


      When a student has zeros, a teacher can assign ZAP for them to make up the work. If a parent wants a student to attend ZAP, please reach out to your child's teacher to sign them up.