ROISD 2022 Bond Information

  • ROISD Bond 2022

    Election Day - Saturday, May 7

    7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    ELECTION RESULTS (Ellis County Elections Website)

    Letter from Superintendent Brenda Sanford

    Bond Election Results Canvassed May 16, 2022 Board Meeting

    Final Voting Results

    Ballot Item          Yes & %/No & %

    • Proposition A - 1534 46.23%/1784 553.77%
    • Proposition B - 1311 39.52%/2006 60.48%
    • Proposition C - 1310 39.51%/2006 60.49%
    • Proposition D - 1385 44.69%/1937 58.31%

    Early Voting Results

    Ballot Item          Yes & %/No & %

    • Proposition A - 994 49.26%/1024 50.74%
    • Proposition B - 857 42.49%/1160 57.51%
    • Proposition C - 859 42.59%/1158 57.41%
    • Proposition D - 903 44.73%/1116 55.27%

    Homestead and Age 65+ Exemption Form
    Visit the Ellis County Appraisal site to download this form or click the link below:

    On January 24, 2022, the Red Oak ISD School Board approved the Citizen’s Facility Planning Committee's recommendation to call for a $230.1 million bond election for May 7, 2022.

    The approved bond proposal will be divided into four propositions. Voters will vote on each proposition. This separation of projects follows legal changes by the 86th Legislation.

    Proposition A - $156.8M

    • High School –
      • NEW Career & Technical Education (CTE) Addition
      • Campus Practice Gym Addition & Renovations
    • Middle School –
      • NEW Middle School on the west side of town (land already acquired)
      • Safety modifications to existing middle school
    • Elementary Schools –
      • Addition to Wooden ES (8 classrooms, new cafeteria)
      • Addition to Eastridge ES (8 classrooms, new cafeteria)
    • District-Wide Maintenance Items
      • Playgrounds (All 5 elementary schools)
      • Energy Management System Upgrades

    Proposition B - $45M

    • Goodloe Stadium
      • Rebuild Stadium to Current Codes
      • Additional parking and Seating
      • 8 Lane Track (UIL) and LED Field Lighting
      • New Restrooms, Locker Rooms, and Concessions

    Proposition C - $9.3M

    • High School Athletic Improvements
      • NEW JV Stadium – Track and Turf Field
      • Baseball/Softball Artificial Turf at Existing Fields
      • Resurface Existing Tennis Courts

    Proposition D - $19M

    • Transportation Facility
      • NEW Facility and Parking

    Since fall 2021, a Citizen’s Facility Planning Committee (CFPC) of just under 50 diverse members (who volunteered to serve) has been meeting to develop a plan for the future facility development of the district. They have sat through hours of presentations on growth and demographics, facility assessments, financial situations, and implications of various scenarios for building construction, improvements, and renovations. The CFPC then worked through committee decision processes and consensus building to determine which potential projects are needed for the future of the district and should be recommended to the Board for a bond to be sent to the voters. CFPC Co-Chair Tally Ward said, “We agree as a committee that all community members deserve the right to decide. With the ability to place projects on different propositions, we can allow the community the final decision.”

    Growth Estimates

    While the amount seems large, Red Oak ISD has not had a bond approved in 15 years while growth in the area continues to increase. The last bond, in 2007 for $97 million, paid for the construction of Red Oak High School and Shields Elementary School. Meanwhile, the district continues to see steady growth. Nearly 300 students have been added just since last year, and the projected enrollment will top 7,100 by 2026, just four years down the road. Data from the City of Red Oak states more than 2,200 new single-family homes are on track to be completed in the next five years, with an average of 2.95 people per home.

    Tax Rate and Community Impact

    To say school financing is complicated is an understatement. But in general, school districts get funding based on the number of students enrolled AND attending school. The Average Daily Attendance formula also gets complicated by weighted sub-populations of students including special education, career, and technical education, and more. Red Oak ISD, due to growth in the area, has been able to reduce the district tax rate each of the past three years. 

    Since 2017, the district has utilized funds from Maintenance Tax Notes, Operating Funds (M&O), and the 2018 sale of the Live Oak complex and the fields to the City of Red Oak to purchase land, complete smaller district capital improvement projects, and enhance district facilities for ROISD students. But, the building of large-scale projects needs a larger funding source.

    In addition, the district has paid down indebtedness to increase the bonding capacity and bond rate. The district can currently ‘borrow’ just over $200 million in bonds without raising the current tax rate. Should all four propositions be approved by voters, the ROISD I&S tax rate would increase by $0.0410, from $.3653 to $.4063. The rate change if all propositions are passed is an 11% increase of the current .36 cents for an increase of .04 cents.

    For a homeowner, that translates to just under $25.00 per year for a $100,000 home, and just over $106 per year for a $300,000 home (tax increase includes the anticipated $40,000 State Homestead Exemption change).


    Did you know Texas House Bill 3 impacts the compressed M&O tax rate each year based on the change in property values from the prior year? The tax rate decreases if the property value growth is greater than 2.5%. The school district received updated information on February 3, 2022, projecting the threshold is expected to be reached. With area property values increasing, the ROISD M&O tax rate is projected to be reduced by $0.0174 next year.

    The estimated increase in the I&S tax rate of $0.041 due to issuing the bonds is indeed an 11% increase in the I&S tax rate, BUT now only a 1.78% increase on the full tax amount. Remember, property values are determined by the county appraisal district.

    Combine the bond proposed I&S increase with the NEW projected M&O decrease ($0.041 - $0.0174 = $0.0236), and ROISD taxpayers would see a net increase of only .0236!

    For a homeowner, that translates to just over $14 per year for a $100,000 home, and just over $61 per year for a $300,000 home (tax increase includes the anticipated $40,000 State Homestead Exemption change).

    “The Committee was excited to bring this recommendation to the Board,” said CFPC Co-Chair Bryan Bell. “This Committee agrees that the propositions will allow the community to decide.”


    • Deadline to Register to Vote – Thursday, April 7
    • Early Voting – April 25 through May 3 (locations and times vary)
    • Election Day - Saturday, May 7, 2022; Polls 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • For more information, visit the Ellis County Elections website -

    Town Hall Dates

    Join Superintendent Brenda Sanford as she goes over the bond proposals, either in-person or online. All community members are welcome to attend and ask questions. All meetings start at 6:00 PM and last until 7:30 PM.

    Facility Tours

    Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m. to Noon
    The following facilities will be open during the two hours for tours:
    Wooden ES, Red Oak MS, Billy Goodloe Stadium, ROISD Transportation Facility

    Bond Town Halls