Mrs. Coil, Stephanie

Phone: 972-617-3636


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Education 4-8 Math Certification

Mrs. Coil, Stephanie

My name is Stephanie Coil!

               I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and I have a Bachelor of Science in Education with a Teaching Certification in 4-8 Math. I have a very large family including my husband, two sisters, three brothers and now I have three nieces and three nephews! I grew up here in Texas in North Dallas but have also lived in Houston, Huntsville, and now Waxahachie! I did not grow up loving math, but I had a teacher who showed me that math can be fun and its the most useful subject we learn! I hope to show my students the same lesson and leave them feeling more confident and excited about mathematics.  

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Vision Statement

Ms. Coil's Math Classes will create and maintain a fun, collaborative and challenging culture that supports the development of student’s interest, and knowledge in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.


Mission Statements

In our  class, we will achieve our vision by:

1. Learning how to successfully and effectively work with others to create and maintain an environment of collaboration.

2. Learning how to effectively communicate thoughts, ideas, and conclusions to a variety of audiences.

3. Developing a mindset that failure is a natural part of the learning process, and we will use our failures to guide our improvement of what we learn and what we create to be successful.

4. Exploring relevant, current, real-world topics that engage and excite our student’s interest in STEM fields.

5. Connecting factual, procedural, and conceptual knowledge to real-world situations to better understand how mathematics is used in our everyday lives.

6. Developing an understanding and mastery of technology to enhance student’s creativity and collaboration; and developing an understanding of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.