Mr. Winn, Robert



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Winn, Robert

About Me: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. As a young man I played several sports including Football, Basketball, Baseball and also ran Track. I enjoy playing all sports in real life and also on my Xbox One. 

My WHY: The reason I teach and coach is because I believe that I may not here to be the next great person in the world but maybe I am suppose to help groom the next great mind. 

Education: I am a Graduate of The Grambling State University.

What to expect: I believe that learning should be fun, so expect to have some fun. I am an out of the box learner so my classes are full of games but everything that we do will have a purpose and will learn from all task.  

How students are judged: Do the best that you can and reach your full potential and I can promise you that you will be fine not only in my class but also in life.

My Charge to Students: This year I will encourage you to become an independent thinker and think outside of the BOX, I will also hold you to a high standard. I want you to also hold me to that same standard because no matter how we feel in the morning we should always live up to our standards.




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