Phone: 9726170066


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Education in Mathematics

Faulconer, Alaina


I have been teaching math at ROMS since 2014 and hold a Masters Degree in Math Education.

Course Descriptions: 

Pre-AP Math 8: Mathematic foundations for real-world application of equations, algorithms, finance, pre-algebra and pre-geometry.

(This is an accelerate course which offers a solid foundation for students pursuing math-related careers.)

Algebra I: Development of mathematic and algebraic thought for students with an existing advanced foundation in pre-algebra.

(This is an extremely accelerated course recommended for students who exhibit great work ethic, persevere through frustration, self-advocate, and can keep pace with the acceleration and rigor that this course demands.)


For specific information about lecture times, lessons, tutoring and resources please visit Canvas.

If you'd like to access my class canvas, use this link.

Algebra Canvas

Pre-Ap Canvas

I can be reached through email or a call Ext. #3300

Conference period 4 from 12:00-12:50