• Traditional Financial Summary

    Red Oak ISD is committed to financial transparency and encourages our community to take an active role in government.  Knowing how your tax dollars are used helps you make informed decisions as voters and citizens. With this in mind, the District’s goal is to share financial information in a user-friendly and understandable format.

    Below is data on our financial position over the last five years.  Information includes revenues and expenditures from the General Fund and then all funds, information on staffing and information on property tax collections.

    Public school revenues come from three main sources, Local, State and Federal.

    Local funding comes from property taxes and other local revenues, such as tuition, fees, interest earnings and gifts & bequests.

    State funding comes from the state funding formula which is based on average daily attendance, weighted average daily attendance, property values and tax rates.

    The third source of funding comes from federal programs funding such as School Health and Related Services (SHARS), the National School Lunch Program and indirect costs for other governmental programs.


    Revenues and expenditures for the most recent completed fiscal year

    Below is a summary of General Fund revenues and expenditures and related impact on fund balance for the 2022-23 fiscal year.  The student enrollment is 6,499 from the Fall 2022 PEIMS Snapshot enrollment.

    Total Amount

    Amount per Student


    Fund Balance July 1 (Beginning) 






    Local Property Tax Sources



    Other Local and Intermediate Revenue Sources



    State Program Revenues



    Federal Program Revenues



    Total revenues**






    Instruction Services



    Leadership Services



    Support Services



    Administrative Services



    Student Support



    Community Services



    Debt Services



    Capital Outlay



    Intergovernmental Services



    Total Expenditures




    Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues Over (Under) Expenditures




    Total other financing sources (Uses)



    Net change in fund balance




    Fund Balance June 30 (Ending)




    **We do not collect revenue from sales tax.


    Financial data trends per Student over a five-year period

    The General Fund data per student is from fiscal years 2018-2019 through 2022-2023.  The enrollment data is from the Fall PEIMS collection for each fiscal year.


    The total Governmental Funds data per student is from fiscal years 2018-2019 through 2022-2023.  The enrollment data is from the Fall PEIMS collection for each fiscal year.


    Five-year historical Statement of Revenue, Expenditures, Changes in Fund Balance per Student

    5 Year Historical Statement of General Funds

    5 Year Historical Statement of Governmental Funds 


    Raw budget data for the current fiscal year

    2023-2024 Amended Budget Summary


    Property Tax Collections

    Below is the history of ROISD’s property tax collections in total and per student based total enrollment for the past five years. The communities supporting Red Oak ISD are growing, property values have increased and student enrollment continues to grow. Red Oak ISD is committed to providing the best education for all students in the district.



    Staffing for most recently completed fiscal year

    Below is data on Red Oak ISD’s Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) as reported to the Texas Education Agency each fall.  A Full-Time Equivalent equates to a full-time employee meaning that two half-time employees would equal one full-time equivalent. This data is collected through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Financial Reports, a process that collects all data requested and provided to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) about public education. 

    The most current PEIMS data available is from the 2021-2022 PEIMS submission.  Below is the preliminary 2022-2023 staffing Data that was submitted to PEIMS.