• ROISD Citizen's Facility Planning Committee

    The Red Oak Independent School District Citizen's Facility Planning Committee was established in the fall of 2021 to review the current status of our facilities, address the current and future needs, collaborate as a diverse community representation, and present recommendations to the ROISD Board of Trustees. 

    The group was selected from primarily Red Oak ISD registered voters and taxpayers while ensuring representation from a very diverse group that includes all campuses and various groups. Members include are parents, employees, alumni, and community members. We truly want the entire district, each campus, and all sections of the community represented and their view, perception, and voice heard.

    Their decisions will be imperative in the representation of our current students as well as our future ROISD students as they look at current demographics and enrollment as well as projected growth.

    Scope of Work

    • Review current use of district facilities.
    • Review critical needs and future needs.
    • Collaboration to prioritize facility needs.
    • Planning - going forward how to meet facility needs.
    • Engage the community in dialogue regarding long-range facilities and capital improvement needs.
    • Provide recommendations to the board.


    • Keep in mind the district goals and needs as a whole with the focus consistently on students.
    • Be fiscally responsible stewards of finances of the district and taxpayer dollars when developing proposals.
    • Meetings are not open to the public, they are committee members only.

    Meeting Protocol

    • Maintain positive relationships with your table and the overall committee.
    • Maintain a focus on facility needs with students always as the focal point.
    • Be respectful and honor others’ opinions, input, and voices. 
    • Conversations focused on decisions at hand, so stay on topic and task while giving honest input.
    • Decisions are based on needs and prioritized accordingly while working toward a consensus.
    • Think holistically as you consider the whole District without regard to any personal agendas.
    • Be kind, honest, and have fun in this very important and worthwhile process.

    ROISD Vision, Mission, Goals

    Flight Plan 2023 - ROISD Strategic Plan

    OUR VISION - Realize Our Individual Student’s Dreams (ROISD)

    OUR MISSION - To incorporate and instill the 4 Talons of the Hawk for each and every one of our students.


    1. To prepare all students to be college and career-ready by instilling the Graduate Profile (4 Talons of the Hawk).
    2. Recruit, hire, develop, and retain a diverse and premier workforce.
    3. Manage funding resources responsibly and practice fiscal transparency.
    4. Keep ahead of the region’s steady development while ensuring students thrive in a 21st-century environment.
    5. Enhance internal and external communications and develop and maintain positive relationships between parents, community, and schools.

    Meeting Materials

    Presentations from the meetings will be posted after each meeting for the general public.

    • Tuesday, October 26
    • Saturday, November 6
    • Tuesday, November 9
    • Tuesday, November 30
    • Tuesday, December 14
    • Tuesday, January 4