Education Foundation Grants 2021

  • New Information on 2021 Grant Program (updated 2/21/21)

    We have some NEW Information that will help you as you prepare your 2021 Grant Applications!  Our goal is to streamline the process and save you some time while reducing any contact in obtaining signatures or submitting the application.


    • We now have an ONLINE Grant Application you can use!
    • You can enter information, save and submit!  No need to email or bring to Foundation office.
    • You can attach documents (quotes, budgets, research, etc.)
    • You will need to submit required info on first page, but after first page – you can save application and receive an email with link to access later to finish it and submit.


    • You can now obtain approval from necessary departments via email or verbally and indicate on the application that you have approval.
    • No need to get signature page of application and submit.
    • Indicate on Online application by checking appropriate boxes. If using the WORD/PDF version and emailing – just indicate on signature page that you have obtained approval.
    • Please note – you STILL have to get necessary approvals – see 2021 Grant Application Package for more details on approvals needed.

    The online application is preferred this year, but we will accept the original Word/PDF Applications for those that have already begun working on completing those.  Thank you for your patience as we developed an alternative for this year. Please give us your feedback – we want to make improvements so that we can utilize this new format in coming years.  If you have any issues with the online application, please don’t hesitate to email us or call me at 972-345-4021. We are more than happy to help.

    The 2021 Grant Program is open and we look forward to seeing all the great proposals that will be submitted! It was a good 2020 fundraising year despite the pandemic so we have money to award!

    I have included a Grant Application Package file (with all the documents: application, FAQs, Tips sheet, etc.) A few reminders…

    • The deadline has been extended to Friday, February 26, 2021 @ 1:00 PM.
    • There is a NEW online form this year! Please visit the Online 2021 Grant Application form 
    • You can submit your proposal/application by emailing it to no later than 1:00 PM (please note new time). You will receive an email confirmation. If submitting email – please include your campus and name of the grant in the subject line.
    • Signature requirement change – we are not requiring signatures this year. Approvals must be obtained from required departments and applicants will be asked to certify they have obtained them. However, no actual signatures will be required.
    • Please read through the Application Package and review what types of programs can be funded.
    • REMINDER….You can submit a grant proposal for a previously funded grant! However, remember to justify and provide documentation that it was successful. See application for more details.
    • Please be sure that your application involves a program and not just an equipment request. The review committee will want to see what you are doing with the equipment/technology and how it will benefit students.
    • We are here to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to email me at or call my cell at 972-345-4021. You are welcome to call in the evening or on the weekend if needed as I know many of you are working on your applications at home.

    Good luck!