Mission: Math

  • Mission A+ Math Dear Parents,

    We work very hard to make certain we equip your child with the skills and knowledge they need in order to be successful, not only in our class, but throughout their math education. In addition, we want to ensure your child is ready for the 7/8th Grade Math STAAR Test that will be administered in March (7th grade in May). In efforts to meet this goal, will begin our Mission Math Tutoring Program in November. These tutoring sessions will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, from 3:45pm- 4:45pm and transportation will be provided.

    To determine which students we will invite to Mission Math, we will review all test data from the start of the year and invite students based on their individual needs. We will cover a different TEK (lesson) each week and will invite kids based on their testing performance over that TEK. For example, if your child missed the majority of the questions over the TEK 8.4A, we would invite your child to come to Mission Math during the week we are re-teaching 8.4A (either Monday or Wednesday). However, if your child correctly answered the majority of the questions associated with 8.4A on their recent tests, we wouldn’t invite them to the tutoring session for that week.

    In 8th grade each teacher will post a Mission Math Invitation schedule in their classroom that will list the students who are invited to Mission Math for the upcoming weeks. In addition, we will verbally remind your child that they are invited. Attendance to Mission Math is mandatory so please make certain your child attends when requested. In 7th grade we will be giving students mission math invite letters. 

    Please note, the beginning of Mission Math will change the open tutoring schedule for the 7/8th Grade Math students. Please review the tutoring schedule below so that you’re aware of math tutoring times for 7/8th grade.

Math Tutoring Times for Grades 7 & 8
  • *7th/8th grade math teachers will not be available for homework help/ open tutoring on Monday/ Wednesday afternoons.

    We believe EVERY STUDENT is capable of learning math and we are looking forward to working together to ensure your child’s success.