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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Texas Woman’s University - Communication Sciences and Disorders Master’s of Science Texas Woman’s University - Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing K-12 American Sign Language

Scott, Stephanie

Hello! My name is Stephanie Scott, and I am the American Sign Language (ASL) teacher at Red Oak High School. I have been teaching ASL since 2005! This is a great program in Red Oak, and I am the only ASL teacher.

I graduated from Red Oak High School in 1997 and have returned to teach.

I love being able to share the culture and language of the Deaf community with my students.

I have been signing for over thirty years now, starting when I was a child. I do not have any family members that are Deaf; however, my mother was a certified interpreter for the Deaf for many years.


I am the only ASL teacher at ROHS, therefore, I teach all three (or four) levels. This allows continuity from one year to the next. I know exactly what my students have learned and what to expect from them the next year.


Here are the links to my courses on Canvas:

ASL 1 Canvas

ASL 2 Canvas

ASL 3 Canvas