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Useful Links
College Placement Testing
Free SAT Practice Website

Updated daily by Knowsys, an educational consulting company specializing in college readiness, this site offers daily practice exercises for the SAT test.  Prior daily exercises are also available for review in their Blog Archive.

TERC-Testing & Education Reference Center

May require a password to access the site. Students can get a password from their English teacher or the librarian.

This site provides study guides for different types of tests: ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP exams, as well as career tools, resume maker, scholarship assistance.

Register for the ACT Test

Official site for ACT test dates, registration, and information.

Register for the SAT Test

Official site for SAT test dates, registration, and information.

College Readiness
Common Application for Texas Public Colleges

This site contains admission information for every Texas public university.  Complete and submit your college admission and scholarship applications online.

Did you FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to apply for federal student aid, such as federal grants, loans, and work-study. The FAFSA is also used to apply for most state and college aid, in addition to some private financial aid.

The helpful link below is a step-by-step video that will lead you through your FAFSA application.

Click here for the FAFSA step-by-step instruction video.

Federal Student Aid

A new website from the Department of Education that offers information about planning and paying for college.  You will also find videos and infographics to help with frequently asked questions about paying for college and financial aid.

OCCRRC (Online College & Career Readiness Resource Center

OCCRRC (Online College and Career Readiness Resource Center) provides a variety of online lessons designed to build college and career ready students in Texas. OCCRRC is a free resource that is useful for all educators, students, and parents. All resources were researched and validated prior to acceptance for the course. The course was written after the adoption of House Bill 5; therefore, it is up-to-date on the information shared.

Career Readiness
Choosing a Career

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This activity is designed to encourage students to begin thinking about their futures. Students will research careers from among the 580 occupations listed in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). The Teachers Guide lists resources to help teachers develop a career curriculum for their classrooms.

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