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iCount Attendance Campaign

slideshow showing winners of the iPad Giveaway
2017 iCount Grand Prize Winners

Red Oak ISD’s iCount Campaign continues to encourage students to be at school every day, be on time every day and stay all day. The fact is that attendance raises a student’s chance of scoring well on exams and securing college admission.

Did you know that high school graduates earn 38% more than those who drop out and college graduates bring in 140% more!

How does iCount work?
The iCount Campaign provides incentives for student attendance by awarding prizes both at the end of each grading period and at the end of the year.

What are the prizes?
At the end of each grading period, students who have not been absent or tardy enter a drawing to win a new bicycle (at the elementary level) or a $50 gift card (at the secondary levels). Additional prizes may be awarded.

At the end of the school year, students who have not been absent or tardy enter a drawing to win a new iPad!

Who pays for these prizes?
The Red Oak Independent School District partners with the Red Oak ISD Education Foundation and Project Success in securing the iCount prizes. Increased attendance also results in boosted revenue from the State of Texas.

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