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Food Allergy

ROISD Food Allergy Management Plan

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Care of the Student with Food Allergies At Risk for Anaphylaxis


To provide guidance in managing students with food allergies at risk for anaphylaxis at school.


In response to the increase in students with diagnosed food allergies at risk for anaphylaxis, Senate Bill 27 (2011, 82nd Legislative Session) amends Chapter 38 of the Texas Education Code by adding Section 38.0151. This section requires the Board of Trustees of each school district to adopt and administer a policy for the care of students with diagnosed food allergies at risk for anaphylaxis. This policy requires each school district to develop and implement a student food allergy management plan which includes training for employees on allergies and anaphylaxis, general strategies to reduce the risk of exposure to common food allergies, methods for requesting specific food allergy information from parents of students with diagnosed food allergies, implementation of food allergy action plans and an annual review of the district’s management plan.

ROISD's Food Allergy Management Plan can be found under "Related Documents" in the upper right section of the webpage.

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