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Booster Clubs

The Booster Clubs at the Red Oak Independent School District are a support extension for the entire athletic and fine arts programs. Parental and community participation in these clubs is encouraged. The Booster Clubs play a important role in helping to enrich and promote the school’s extracurricular activities.

Click to access Booster Club forms & guidelines.

Below is information about the various Booster Clubs that support Red Oak ISD students.

NOTE: Booster Club websites and/or facebook pages are not managed or maintained by Red Oak ISD. ROISD is not responsible for content or updates. Any links to Booster Club websites and/or facebook pages will open in a new window.

Red Oak Quarterback Club Lady Hawks Volleyball Booster Club HS/MS Cross Country Booster Club

Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Steve Sanchez
Vice-President - Jacob Perales
Secretary - Kristina Perales
Treasurer - Wanda Watson

2nd Monday of the month in the ROHS Field House at 7:00 PM

For more information, contact:

Website Link:
Red Oak Football 

Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Tina North
Vice-President - Rita Bryan
Secretary - April Ratliff
Treasurer - Carrie Davis

2nd Monday of the month in the ROHS Gymnasium Media Room at 7:00 PM

For more information, contact

Website Link:
Lady Hawks Volleyball

Officers for 2016-2017:
President - Grace Esparza
Vice-President - Danny Howard
Secretary - Cristin Lewis
Treasurer - Cruz Ibanez

3rd Monday of each month in ROHS Field House at 7:00 PM

For more information, contact: 
Grace Esparza  or

 ROHS Drill Team Booster

 ROHS Band Booster Club

 ROHS Theatre Booster Club

President - 
Vice-President - 
Secretary - 
Treasurer - 
Publicity/Membership - 

3rd Thursday of each month @ 7:00 PM in the Lecture Hall

Red Oak HS Hawkettes


For more information, contact:


Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Ruby Edwards
Vice-President - Rita Drake
Secretary - Debra Bannister
Treasurer - Kasi Brown
Asst. Treasurer - Stacu Guermi
Fundraiser Coordinator - Pam Harp
Historian - Terry McAdams
Sponsorships - Donna Jimenez-Walker
Event Coordinator - Dolores Musquez
Meetings on a need basis.

For more information, contact: 

Website Link:
The Red Oak Bands

Red Oak Mighty Hawk Band

Officers for 2017-20178
President - Shannon Vinson

Vice-President - Linda Kingsley
Secretary - Julie Cottrell 
Treasurer - Sheryl Wilcox
Historian - Melissa Barnes

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM in the Black Box Theatre

Red Oak Hawk Theatre

For more information, contact: Shannon Vinson at


ROHS Soccer Booster Club ROHS Basketball Booster Club ROHS Cheer Booster Club

Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Stephanie Fellows
Vice-President - Delilah Mendoza
Membership - Maria Blackburn

Treasurer - Miriam Medel
Fundraising - Suzanne Bullard

Concessions - Luisa Martinez (boys)
Concessions - Faye Shaw (girls)
Fundraising - Rebecca Juarez


For more information, contact:
Stephane Fellows

To receive vital messages:
Twitter: @ROHSsoccer

Facebook Page:
ROHS Soccer Boosters

Website Link:
Hawk Out Soccer 

Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Ivan Yuhanna
Vice-President - Tracie Carr
Secretary - Jackie Carter

Next Meeting:

For more information, contact:
Ivan Yuhanna at

Facebook Page:



Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Stephany O'Neal
Vice-President - Gina Burba
Secretary - Karen Anderson
Treasurer - Karalyn Martin
Membership - Vickie Mirowitz
Fundraising - Kayla Mattox Competition Chair - Sherry Williams

Special Event: Youth Spirit Night - Oct. 20, 2017 Download Youth Spirit Night flyer for more information

Meetings: 1st week of each month at ROHS in Cheer Gym Time, TBD [Meetings subject to change.]

Executive Board meets 1st Monday of each month. Time, TBD [Meetings subject to change.]

For more information, contact: Stephany O'Neal

Twitter: @rohscheer

 ROHS Baseball Booster Club

 ROHS Softball Booster Club

 ROISD Swimming Booster Club

Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Wade Hampton
Vice President - Travis Tate
Secretary - Amber Heine

Treasurer - Joy Hart

Time: TBD
Location: Field House

Dates:  TBD

For more information, contact:
Wade Hampton

Facebook Page:
Red Oak High School Baseball Booster Club


Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Ron Weaver
Vice-President - Curtis Greenberg
Secretary - Laura Kelly
Treasurer - Sheila Ragland

1st Monday of each month (unless it is a holiday, then it will be the following Monday) @ 7:00 PM in the  Field House

For more info, contact:
Laura Kelly  

Red Oak Lady Hawks Softball

Facebook Page:
Lady Hawks Softball



Officers for 2017-2018:
President - Tom Holliday
Vice-President - Jim & Lois Turner
Treasurer - Lupe Moreno

3rd Thursday of each month at I-35 Whataburger at 7:00 PM

For more information, contact:
Tom Holliday

Facebook Page:
ROHS Swim Team

If you would like to have your Booster Club information posted on this website, please contact the district webmaster for more information. All Booster Clubs must be affiliated with an ROISD student organization or activity.

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