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District Information

Red Oak ISD provides a quality education for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Student centered assistance is provided through a variety of learning activities. Innovative avenues for student growth are available through partnerships with universities and Texas State Technical College. The District strives to provide educational opportunities and involvement to the student allowing for the development of a well-rounded educational experience.

Red Oak ISD expands beyond typical classroom walls to offer knowledge and learning through iScholars Magnet AcademySM. This virtual school environment enables families from across the state to enjoy the academic benefits of honors level curriculum. iScholars Magnet AcademySM currently offers courses for grades 3rd - 9th.

Red Oak ISD is a 5-A school District with approximately 5,800 students of unlimited potential. These students are instructed by over 400 dedicated, professional, and caring school staff members. Teachers are rewarded with a secure, supportive environment. Many opportunities for professional growth are offered by the District.

The Red Oak community is active in the educational process. Open communication exists between city officials and local businesses. Red Oak has much to offer the professional as well as families searching for quality education for their children as society prepares for the challenges of the 21st century.


  • We will provide a safe and secure environment in all school facilities.
  • We will hold each student responsible for his/her actions.
  • We will not tolerate prejudicial discrimination of any kind.
  • Nothing will take precedence over the PreK-12 instructional program.


We believe that:

  • each student is equally important.
  • every student has value.
  • students are responsible for their decisions and actions.
  • each student deserves to be loved and respected.
  • all students can learn.
  • all students have the right to a safe school environment.
  • parental and community involvement strengthens the school environment.

Red Oak ISD
Education Service Center
109 W. Red Oak Rd.
PO Box 9000
Red Oak, TX 75154

The ROISD Education Service Center houses numerous administrative offices who all serve and support the campuses, students and staff across the district.

[Map to ROISD Education Service Center]


109 W. Red Oak Road | PO Box 9000 | Red Oak, TX 75154 | PH: (972) 617-2941 | FX: (972) 617-4333