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District Improvement Plan
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2016-17 District Improvement Plan

2016-17 Campus Improvement Plans

Red Oak ISD administrative staff developed a District Improvement Plan (DIP). The plan focuses on five major goals:

  1. Maximize Student Achievement - All student groups taking the STAAR assessments will meet or exceed the state standard. All students will achieve academic progress.

  2. Standards of Excellence - Red Oak ISD will develop a standard of excellence that will result in positive student success.

  3. Build Leadership Capacity - Red Oak ISD will develop a set of standards and procedures for building leadership skills and competencies throughout the Learning Community.

  4. Increase Community Partnerships - Red Oak ISD will work with local community organizations and district councils to create partnerships to improve the quality of education for our stakeholders.

  5. Safe and Orderly Schools - Red Oak ISD will provide a safe environment for staff and students. A safe, orderly environment promotes student achievement.

Using a comprehensive needs assessment and data reports, the staff developed the plan that includes objectives, strategies, persons responsible, timelines, funding, and evaluation benchmark.


By policy and practice, the Board only approves District & Campus Goals and Objectives  which were approved at the October Board Meeting. The plans are continually reviewed and revised throughout the year. The posted improvement plans are the working documents for the District & Campus Improvement Plans.


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